Couto, Graça & Associados (CGA) Notice

Dear Clients and other Partners,

Within the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in accordance with the containment rules decreed by the Government of Mozambique, with the aim of safeguarding the health of our employees, clients and partners, as well as contributing to the mitigation of the contagion of the aforementioned pandemic, we have adopted, among other measures, the following:

  1. Maintain our office open but reducing the number of employees physically present at CGA’s premises, as well as implementing a staff rotation plan;
  2. Implementing of means aimed at ensuring remote work capacity, for all lawyers and staff;
  3. Strengthening the security and hygiene of our facilities;
  4. Suspension of international travel and reduction of domestic travel limited strictly to the necessary to comply with unavoidable obligations inherent to judicial mandates; and
  5. Replacement, to the extent possible, of on-site meetings with video-conferences or telephone conferences, using different means of communication.

The provision of our services continue to be ensured by our lawyers, whether they are working on our premises or working remotely.

All our lawyers can be contacted by e-mail and telephone, which details are included in the profile page on our website (

We will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation, as well as the actions of the Government and other public entities, adjusting our activity whenever necessary.

We hope for a quick return to normality, with the least possible impact on all our lives.


Pedro Couto


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