Banking, Finance and Insurance

Banking, Finance and Insurance area renders advice and assistance to their clients (credit institutions and financial companies) for structuring and implementation of banking products and services. The team has provided, also advice on the creation and development of new products, both in banking and insurance area, offering innovative solutions to its customers.

The department has also monitored matters of regulation and supervision, on a regular basis advising its clients on these matters.

In the insurance area, the department renders also advice on regulation and supervision issues.

In the banking area, the department has worked extensively in transactions involving facilities or loans from banks and other foreign financial institutions.

In Project Finance, the team has acted by rendering advice in structuring the financing of the transaction, as well as in drafting the transaction contracts, and other legal intervention which deems necessary.


The litigation area renders services in arbitration claims of any nature and in court cases, representing nationals and foreigners in areas regarding commercial law, tax law, public law and criminal law, representing public and private companies including important and relevant financial Mozambican and international groups.

Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructures

The Energy,Natural Resources and Infrastructure area renders legal services in a wide range of transactions in oil, gas and power sectors (conventional and renewable energies) and infrastructures.

Their experience covers contractual arrangements that are unique to the oil and gas industry, concession contracts, production sharing agreements, participation agreements, royalty agreements, joint bidding agreements, farm outs, field unitization agreements, JOAs, LNG projects, turnkey and other construction contracts, local content arrangements, equipment and service purchase contracts.

The team has been active advising national and international oil companies, oil field services companies, natural gas and liquids pipeline companies, LNG project developers, petrochemical companies and refiners, as well as lenders and investors in a wide range of industry matters.

In the rise of LNG and FLNG projects in Mozambique legal assistance has been rendered to concessionaries operators of the Rovuma Basin for the negotiations with the Government of Mozambique on such LNG projects, and on the drafting of the legal framework applicable to the gas liquidification industry in development stage(enabling law and decree law establishing a special regime.

The team experience includes also legal advice to the structuring of negotiations’ and to applications for approval of most of the main power generation projects and corresponding concessions agreements in Mozambique.

The team combines their understanding of the global energy business environment with a proven track record in energy and infrastructures transactions, regulatory/legislative and disputes matters across all segments of the energy industry mega projects and business concessions in Mozambique.

Corporate, Tax and Capital Markets

The Corporate, Tax and Capital Markets area has in the Mozambican legal practice framework an extended experience and know-how in providing legal advice in some of the most emblematic mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions and sales that have occurred in Mozambique over the last 15 years.

Amongst the most relevant transactions it is included the merger of banks, insurers and other market-leading companies, acquisition and sale of companies and participations in companies of reference operating in a wide variety of fields, such as the energy sector, mineral resources, banking, construction, food, beverages and others.

The close relation that maintains with its clients has granted all team members with a solid understanding of the business and the market where operates, contributing decisively for the legal advice rendered in the processes of restructuring, investment as well as on a company’s day-to-day basis.

The Corporate, Tax and Capital Markets team has also participated on the first issuance of securities by Mozambican companies and has been progressively undergoing as the Mozambican capital market is evolving, increasingly intervening as “leading advisor” or merely as “advisor” in public offers of securities, either listed or not listed in the Mozambique stock exchange. In this field of activity the team also provides day-to-day advice for several authorised financial intermediaries.

Since the main projects assisted by the Team generally comprises a relevant tax component, the Team includes tax specialists responsible for tax planning of the several transactions, tax optimisation, strategies towards the clients, as well as legal advice on in administrative and/or judicial tax proceedings.

The Corporate, Tax and Capital Markets Team considering its multidisciplinary factor possesses the fundamental know-how to provide an high quality legal advice over all the components of transactions and in all stages of the respective implementation.

As result of the legal transversality that typifies certain transactions advised, Corporate and Tax Team usually works alongside specialist lawyers from other areas, such as banking and finance, real estate and labor.

Investment and Business Development


Our legal advise includes the preparation of the corporate structure and appropriate vehicles of investments as to allow the foreign investors to maximize its investments in Mozambique both for tax and corporate purposes, through follow up of the negotiations, preparation and derafting of documents regarding to any project promoted in Mozambique, as well as the attainment of a set of incentives and tax exemptions which ascribe tax and customs benefits and advantages of utmost importance and relevance for the implementation and development of the project and for the entities which partake therein, it is also worth mentioning the inherent permission to repatriate funds invested and/or accrued under the project in Mozambique by foreign investors.


We provide legal advise regarding the various entities both mozambican and foreign, through the legal advise on the legal framework of the mining activity in the Mozambican territory. We also provide legal assistance in negotiating, obtaining, transmission and renewal of mining titles and mining concessions, as well as conducting Due Diligence to these titles and the registration thereof.

Lands, Real Estate and Tourism:

Our legal advise encompasses the structuring of business in Mozambique from the acquisition of rights of use and enjoyment of land, transfer of rights of use and enjoyment of land, registration and transfer of immovable property, as well as all areas of real estate activity in respect to real estate investment in its various areas (Real Estate Projects, Tourism and Services, Real Estate Funds, Construction, Promoting urbanization; Promotion of tourist villages; Mediation and Brokerage property, and Purchase and Sale and Tenancy of immovable property).


The labor area renders legal advisory services in all fields of labor Law with focus on the Corporate Labour with main reference to issues related to the company’s daily activities. Our main activity is focused on the monitoring of restructuring, flexibility of labor in the light of the applicable rules and procedures of the company’s object, setting of the procedures and framing of the companies’ practices within the local legal system; advise as regard business strategies and policies; labor litigation; conduct and instruct disciplinary proceedings and procedures of inquiry; labor audits; advise on occupational health and safety, accidents at work and occupational diseases; social security; collective right; civil service law; special arrangements of employment contracts, likewise it provides advisory and services in the framework of Immigration Law and hiring of foreign employees.

Industrial Property

The IP area provides legal advisory services in the process of registration of trademarks, patents, internet domain names, management, follow up and litigation of trademarks, patents, industrial designs as well as on the copyrights. We undertake the follow up of well-known trademarks and worldwide patents, as to safeguard and achieve its commercial needs. We have also worked with public institutions as to identify and fighting counterfeiting. We provide also advisory and assistance in countless transactions regarding the licensing of the exploitation of IP rights and due diligences.


The Corporate area provides legal assistance on national and international operations, namely in incorporations, transformations, acquisitions, mergers, restructure, dissolution and liquidation of companies, real estate investments, leases, due diligences, facility, commercial and leasing agreements, issuance of Legal Opinions regarding several areas of Law, among others.


Director: Sandra Dagot

Office Manager: Halima Calú

Personal Assistant: Liuva Heliotrope

Communication Assistant: Sheila Salé

IT: Gil Mendiate and Ernesto Nhanala