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Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2023 - recordings & presentations

We were delighted to bring you this year’s Forum, “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law”, from Amsterdam.

The theme “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law” aimed to:

  • Uncover the latest breakthroughs: Dive into the forefront of life sciences advances, including biotechnology, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices
  • Address the regulatory gap: Engage in interactive workshops to bridge the divide between rapid innovation and the development of legal frameworks
  • Navigate global challenges: Explore the impact of globalisation, ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and societal implications on the life sciences sector
  • Foster collaboration: Connect with legal and scientific minds, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships

Presentations were delivered by fantastic industry speakers, including Annemiek Verkamman (Managing Director, Hollandbio), Charida Dorder (Member of the Dutch AI Coalition), Wouter Boon (Associate Professor, Utrecht University) and Marc Kaptein (Medical Director, Pfizer), as they shared their expertise, thoughts and insights on how the sector is “Blurring Boundaries”. We were also joined by Simon Neill (Senior Legal Director) at Johnson & Johnson and Joep Rijnierse (Senior Medical Director) at Amgen in our workshops.

This webpage has been designed to keep you updated on the Forum, our speakers, as well as provide you with the useful resources complementing the theme “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law”.

You will also find on this page details on how to stay connected with CMS through our upcoming webinar series, On the Pulse Webinar Series 2023 - Autumn (cms.law); free eAlert service, Law-Now; and social media channels.


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Nick Beckett
Nick Beckett
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Beijing and Hong Kong Offices and Global Co-Head of CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
Jens Wagner
Dr. Jens Wagner
Rechtsanwalt | Co-Head of the CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
Ellen Gielen
Ellen Gielen
Roland Wiring
Dr. Roland Wiring
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Medizinrecht (Certified lawyer for medical law)
Gertie Lintjens
Gertie Lintjens
Of Counsel

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